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ViewVC Help: Query The Commit Database

Select your parameters for querying the CVS commit database in the form at the top of the page. You can search for multiple matches by typing a comma-seperated list into the text fields. Regular expressions, and wildcards are also supported. Blank text input fields are treated as wildcards.

Any of the text entry fields can take a comma-seperated list of search arguments. For example, to search for all commits from authors jpaint and gstein, just type: jpaint, gstein in the Author input box. If you are searching for items containing spaces or quotes, you will need to quote your request. For example, the same search above with quotes is: "jpaint", "gstein".

Wildcard and regular expression searches are entered in a similar way to the quoted requests. You must quote any wildcard or regular expression request, and a command character preceeds the first quote. The command character l(lowercase L) is for wildcard searches, and the wildcard character is a percent (%). The command character for regular expressions is r, and is passed directly to MySQL, so you'll need to refer to the MySQL manual for the exact regex syntax. It is very similar to Perl. A wildard search for all files with a .py extention is: l"" in the File input box. The same search done with a regular expression is: r".*\.py".

All search types can be mixed, as long as they are seperated by commas.

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