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ViewVC Help: Log View

The log view displays the revision history of the selected source file or directory. For each revision the following information is displayed:

  • The revision number. In Subversion repositories, this is a link to the revision view
  • For files, links to view, download, and annotate the revision. For directories, a link to list directory contents
  • A link to select the revision for diffs (see below)
  • The date and age of the change
  • The author of the modification
  • The CVS branch (usually MAIN, if not on a branch)
  • Possibly a list of CVS tags bound to the revision (if any)
  • The size of the change measured in added and removed lines of code. (CVS only)
  • The size of the file in bytes at the time of the revision (Subversion only)
  • Links to view diffs to the previous revision or possibly to an arbitrary selected revision (if any, see above)
  • If the revision is the result of a copy, the path and revision copied from
  • If the revision precedes a copy or rename, the path at the time of the revision
  • And last but not least, the commit log message which should tell about the reason for the change.

At the bottom of the page you will find a form which allows to request diffs between arbitrary revisions.

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