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ViewVC Help: Directory View

The directory listing view should be a familiar sight to any computer user. It shows the path of the current directory being viewed at the top of the page. Below that is a table summarizing the directory contents, and then comes actual contents, a sortable list of all files and subdirectories inside the current directory.

The summary table is made up of some or all of the following rows:

  • Files Shown - Number of files shown in the directory listing. This might be less than the actual number of files in the directory if a regular expression search is in place, hiding files which don't meet the search criteria. In CVS directory listings, this row will also have a link to toggle display of dead files, if any are present.
  • Directory Revision - For Subversion directories only. Shown as "# of #" where the first number is the most recent repository revision where the directory (or a path underneath it) was modified. The second number is just the latest repository revision. Both numbers are links to revision views
  • Sticky Revision/Tag - shows the current sticky revision or tag and contains form fields to set or clear it.
  • Current Search - If a regular expression search is in place, shows the search string.
  • Query - Provides a link to a query form for the directory

The actual directory list is a table with filenames and directory names in one column and information about the most recent revisions where each file or directory was modified in the other columns. Column headers can be clicked to sort the directory entries in order by a column, and clicked again to reverse the sort order.

File names are links to log views showing a list of revisions where a file was modified. Revision numbers are links to either view or download a file (depending on its file type). The links are reversed for directories. Directory revision numbers are links to log views, while directory names are links showing the contents of those directories. Also, in CVS repositories with the graph view enabled, there will be small graph icons next to file names which are links to revision graphs.

Depending on how ViewVC is configured, there may be more options at the bottom of directory pages:

  • Regular expression search - If enabled, will show a form field accepting a search string (a python regular expression). Once submitted, only files that have at least one occurance of the expression will show up in directory listings.
  • Tarball download - If enabled, will show a link to download a gzipped tar archive of the directory contents.

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